Rolling Along the River Tourney

Sioux City’s roller derby invitational tournament is only a few short weeks away and we are all gearing up to host a big ol’ herd of roller derby teams. On October 23, Rolling Along the River will bring 8 women’s teams, 4 merby (man + derby) teams and over 30 refs together for a full day of derby, derby, then lunch, then more derby.

Women’s teams are:

Rushmore Rollerz of Rapid City, SD

Mississippi Valley Mayhem of La Crosse, WI

Harbor City Roller Dames of Duluth, MN

Babe City Rollers of Bemidji, MN

Fargo/Moorehead Derby Girls of Fargo, ND

Muddy River Nightmares of Clinton, IA

Norfolk Bruizin’ Bettys of Norfolk, NE

Sioux City Roller Dames of Sioux City, IA

Merby teams are:

Race City Rebels of Indianapolis, IN

Twin City Terrors of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Milwaukee Blitzdkrieg of Milwaukee, WI

Rock City Riot of Fargo, ND

The women’s bracket can be found here. Merby teams will play 3 bouts, one against each of the other teams.

The tournament will be held at Long Lines Family Rec Center, beginning at 8 am. Admission is free before 4:00 and $10 thereafter. It will be a great opportunity for derby fans to see some great teams that they might not get another chance to watch in action.

Have a question? Just leave a comment here and I’ll answer it. I might even answer it correctly.



  1. Don’t forget Team Zebra! We’ve got 30 wicked awesome refs coming in from all over the midwest – and Canada! And Team Zebra ALWAYS wins!!!

  2. Black and White, Always Right, Spite!

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