Mens Roller Derby Hits the Track in Sioux City, by Sum Mo Payne

Sum Mo Payne proves there’s a brain under all that helmet with her article on our brand-spankin-new merby team!

Korn Stalkers founder, Rodney Residorph, known on his skates as “The Rodster”, has long been working on getting a men’s team started and in October of this year his dream came true.  With great success the Korn Stalkers had their first practice Tuesday, December 6.

“It’s like American football with half the pads and on roller skates,” says The Rodster.

Roller derby is a contact sport played on quad roller skates on any flat smooth surface.  A roller derby game is called a bout, and a bout lasts a total of one hour, broken up into a series of two-minute periods called jams.  There are five players from each team on the track at one time.  Each team has one jammer, who wears a star on their helmet, and four blockers.  The jammer has the power to score points by legally passing opposing players.  He/she is also able to call off the jam before the two-minute period expires. A jammer does this by repeatedly putting his hands on his hips.

Skitch (left), Some Other Dude (center) and Speed Trap (right) are all suited up and ready to play

“Mens roller derby consist of hard hits and fast packs,” says Korn Stalker ref Libby “PBR” Claeys, who is also an active player with the Roller Dames.

The Rodster and Joey Profera (AKA Skitch) came into the world of roller derby as refs for the Sioux City Roller Dames. This insight into the rules as a ref gives them a leg up on the track when playing men’s roller derby.

“We are just as awesome as women’s roller derby, but twice as hairy,” says Skitch.

There are many different reasons that people play roller derby: to stay physically fit, for competitiveness, and to just plain have fun and skate.

“We are going to put a whole new spin on derby and show everyone how fun this sport is,” says Skitch.

The Korn Stalkers are looking for men of all shapes and sizes.  Roller derby is not just about bashing into other people on your skates, it is about fun, traveling and most importantly brotherhood. The Korn Stalkers are recruiting players, refs, non-skating officials, and volunteers.  If you are interested, contact them at


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  1. Thanks, Jack! I’ve forwarded your message along to Rod Reisendorf from the Kornstalkers and he will be getting in touch with you soon.

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