Welcome to the Dame-o-the-month Club!

It’s a little like those fruit of the month clubs that people who don’t know you give as Christmas gifts, only with fewer fruit flies. The Dame of the Month Award is given each month (theoretically) to an outstanding player and teammate, both on and off the track. To start us off strong in 2011, I’m proud as punch to announce that T-Vicious is January’s Dame of the Month!

[wild applause, hoots, hollers]

T-Vicious, as you’ll recall if you’ve read my blog (please, please just humor me and let me think that you savor and digest every morsel of information that I feed you) was named Rookie of the year for the 2009-10 season AND awarded team MVP for the 2010 Rolling Along the River Tournament. Impressive, right? Well you just hold on to your plum sack, because this puppy’s got a few more tricks!

All dolled up--T-Vicious style.

T-Vicious, known to her Jack Russel Terrier as Tanya, spends her days roaming the countryside and surveying property lines. Not surprising; I mean, could you really see this girl stuck in a cubicle, trying to get people to upgrade their cable service?

When she’s not hard at work, T is hard at play: boating, 4-wheeling and shootin’ stuff. She’s a renniassance woman after my own heart!

T-vicious is an outstanding blocker and pivot, considering the short time that she’s been playing the game. She’s a derby star on the rise and a huge asset to the Roller Dames.

"Yeah, I'll tell ya what time it is. Oops, my watch seems to be on the other wrist."

T-Vicious is not a player who leaves her team on the track. She’s very active with team fundraising and community service projects and she’ll always go the extra mile for a friend. After a nasty storm last summer, T-Vicious traveled around to friends’ houses sawing up fallen trees. This is one Dame who’s always got your back, on and off the track.

Congrats, T-Vicious!



  1. Well deserved and much appreciated!!! HOORAY FOR T-V!!!

  2. great job T!!

  3. Family disappointment: ;( I wanted to purchase tickets for my friends who are avid supporters and go to the majority of the games. My own family has taken a personal interest. On this website as well as personal web sites of the Dames it has been posted to purchase a ticket from your favorite Dame. ‘When I asked a dame about purchasing tickets her unexpected response was,

    “i dont personally have anything to do with tickets or tickets sales. My suggestion would be to send an email to info@siouxcityrollerdame.com and im sure they can help you out!”

    • Hi, I’m sorry about the misunderstanding. Funsize thought that you were wanting tickets to future bouts or some kind of gift certificate, which we may be able to do for you, but would have to go through the team board through that email address that she referred you to. Players only have tickets for the next home bout, up to three weeks before the bout date, so, unfortunately individuals cannot sell tickets to any game beyond the next one. Tickets to each bout are distributed and go on sale, as I said, just a few weeks before the scheduled bout, but for anything scheduled beyond that, you would need to inquire at info@siouxcityrollerdames.com. I hope I’ve answered any questions that you had and again I apologize for any confusion.

      • Skinnerella,

        Thank your for your interest in helping me. I appreciate you taking the initiative to present this interest to support your members to the team board. My interest in buying tickets is for any bouts that occur for current and future events. I also would like to in the future purchase T’shirts and post cards for my children.

        The message I received had been conveyed and perceived to the myself a long with other fans differently. It was not explained the way you followed up with me on.

        My family has the best interest in being supportive to your team and the mission it provides for our community and the fun entertainment we can enjoy. Please let your team know that. No hard feelings.

        I enjoy reading your blog and interest in writing. Keep it up. Thanks.

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