And the Award Goes to…..

You! For knowing so many awesome people: us! The Roller Dames and Korn Stalkers recently held our annual awards picnic at Pipe Dreams Camping and Tubing.

Yeah, we're gonna start a competitive tubing league. That's how good we are at it.

And the winners are….

MVP – Mo Payne

Best Jammer – PBR & Funsize

Best Blocker – T-Vicious

Best Pivot – The Annihilatrix

Triple Threat – PBR

Most Improved – Lil Mizfit

Rookie of the Year – HottMess & Tooth Fury

Best Bruise – The Annihilatrix

Best Injury – Tripmatize

Fan Favorite – Funsize

Spirit Award – Skinnerella

Best Attitude – Triple D

Badass Award – Dubbs

Best Boutfit – Felony Convixen

Unsung Hero – Spanky Bottoms

MVZ – Rainbow Spite

Eagle Eye – Speedtrap

Offtrack Asset – Jimmy Digital

Biggest Loser – Felony Convixen

Cleanest Skater – Steel Bullitt Stella

Most Minors – The Annihilatrix

Most Majors – Dubbs

Most Penalties in a single bout – Mo Payne (17)

Most Points in a single bout – PBR (80)

Most Points Runner up – Mo Payne (419)

Most Points – PBR (427)

T-Vicious cuddles with her Best Blocker award. She's not so vicious when she plied with food and awards.


The Annihilatrix shows off the injury that netted her "Best Bruise" title.


Funsize dons her award. A cape. She's still wearing it.

Triple D, incapable of not smiling.

Rainbow Spite pets her baby zebra award, and shields his young eyes from the Korn Stalkers lewd behavior.

Felony Convixen's tu tu was absent as she accepts her award for best boutfit.

Dubbs feels a healthy shame for her award for most penalties.

Mo and PBR compare broken records...most points, most penalties, same thing, right? I mean, they both start with a P.


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