Atom Juke 2.0- Love at first sight.



Oh young love, ain`t it grand?




   Just like my first love, I fell hard for the Atom Juke 2.0. From its slim profile to the way it gripped sport court like a dream. The atom Juke is an incredibly slim wheel. Only 59mm with a 38mm width. What that means for you, just like the name says this wheel is great for Juking across the track. Made for derby this wheel works best on polished concrete, semi maintained wood and sport court. I bought mine for around one hundred dollars and skated the hell out of them for many months. But also like that first bout of puppy love, I grew out of my Atom Jukes. I began wonder how it would be to be with other wheels. I also began to see the one flaw that I could not look past. They began to show who they really were with cracks, chips and chunks out of the edges. No matter how well I had treated them, they still did this to me. My jukes are still my fall back wheel. Whenever I am worried the floor may be hazardous for whatever set of wheels I am currently in love with this week. They still have that great grip I fell in love with. But they do have that one flaw that I have noticed whenever I date any of the Atom family. What I lovingly refer to as the chunking factor. So if you want to fall in love, go for the Atom Juke. But beware; you might get your heart broken. (Photos from Microsoft clip art and Atom wheels)

                                                                  Collision Corpse- Resident wheel whore.



  1. As a skater who doesn’t fall into the “middle” weight range of skaters, I’d love to know where you see yourself in terms of weight – because it really changes how your wheels ride! In order for this review to be helpful, readers have to have a vague grasp of whether or not they’re going to get the same ride you did…

    Would you say you’re a “lightweight” “medium weight” or “heavierweight” skater? No judgement passed either way, but I can’t think that these wheels will work the same for me as they did for you unless we’re in the same weight range.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! I would consider myself a middleweight. But I have also observed the wheels of fellow skaters and noticed the same thing. I spent alot of time in the trenches researching these wheels and finding what others thought of them.

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