Anita Spur: What Makes Me Tick?

I was asked to write a blog that answers the question, “What makes Anita tick?”  Immediately my mind exploded with all of the things I think about while jamming during a bout or working on endurance at practice.  The biggest thing that keeps me ticking in roller derby is the ability to push my own limits.  Unlike every other part of my life, in derby no one tells me to slow down or be careful.
Several people have asked “Why do you always smile after you get you clock cleaned?”  I think it’s a natural reaction to an impressive hit, which I can appreciate and respect even when I’m on the receiving end.  Sometimes a “good job,” or “thanks!”  slips out and people think I’m being a smart ass, but I’m really just genuinely impressed with their determination and ability.
In the beginning, roller derby was hard for me physically and mentally.  All these people were skating at me all up in my personal space but once I got past the amount of exhaustion and bodies smashing into me, it all fell into place and  I thought “I can do this!”

Roller derby is for me but am I really made for roller derby?  I didn’t really fit in, I have no tattoos or piercings, I listen to old country music like Johnny Cash,  and, when I joined the team, I hadn’t ever seen a mohawk in person.  But the more I got to know my team, the more I realized there wasn’t a “typical derby girl.” We all come from different walks of life and there isn’t anything to fit into except skates! Any height, weight or shape can be a competitive skater to this sport.  Only a skaters level of determination can make her the best skater out there.  So who knows, with the level of determination I have learned from roller derby I might just become the first women president that plays roller derby!

~Anita Spur


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