Save our Melons! by Funsize

As some of you may not know, the dames have been doing some serious fundraising. And for what might you ask? TO SAVE OUR MELONS! Our 1st home bout of the season (Feb. 23rd) will be our new hockey helmets bout day debut. We chose to go with the Bauer 7500 hockey helmet (below). They are super awesome! They’ve got neat little gadgets on the sides that allow you to get a nice snug fit to your head and great squishy padding on the inside.
Why did the Dames choose the Bauer 7500 hockey helmets over regular skate helmets you may ask? Well, after having one of our girls suffer a very serious concussion during a bout, we took a look into what helmets we were all skating in. I, myself, a 5th season veteran was skating with the same helmet that I started the league with. Now, as a veteran skater , I really should know better. I mean , would I skate on the same knee pads for 5 seasons? Heck no! So I had to ask myself why am i using a helmet that I had to re-glue the padding in??? That’s just silly!
These new helmets took a little getting used to. They are QUITE snug until you break them in, and mine gave me a little headache the first couple times I wore it. The snap on the chin strap takes a few wears to loosen up , but after your initial break in, you FEEL SAFER (at least I do). As intense as the game of roller derby is becoming I encourage all teams to take a look at your equipment and really think to yourself “If i fall, is this really going to keep me from injury?” I sincerely hope the answer is yes because there is nothing scarier than watching a girl be removed from the track.
PS: I also got a face mask to save my money maker, but i will save that story for another time.
Derby Love,
Funsize #410

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