Derby Blog: Version 3 by OCD

MO: “Derby Mission: I would like a write up about what makes you, you as a skater.  Email it to me in 3 weeks.  You dig?”
OCD: “Yes, ma’am.  Preferred length/alternative purpose?  Or just answer the question?”
This exchange in and of itself should be a good indicator of what makes me “OCD” on the track. And as a matter of full disclosure, it has been longer than three weeks and this is blog entry version three.
I am meticulous. I love academics. I actually enjoy editing academic papers (and will do so for money, by the way).
I like rules. And laws. I am a rule follower.
I over analyze everything. Everything. (Even now I am wondering whether I want to use these sentence fragments for effect or if I should correct them so as to better advertise my editing skills.)
These very qualities that annoy my family, friends, and total strangers are also the qualities that make me well-suited to reffing derby.
Yep, I’m a roller derby referee. Funny, Rainbow Spite, our head ref, knew it the first night.  Within a few minutes of meeting me she’d claimed me as her own. As my newbie group began our derby journey together, it became apparent that some of us were natural athletes and some of us were more….shall we say….  Oh, heck!  I’ll just say it. I had a slow skating learning curve but I rocked at the rules!
I’m happy to say that I’ve now reffed a few scrimmages and a couple bouts and I’m gaining confidence and skills every day. I’m ready and willing to learn and I’m happy to share what I know. I’m an adolescent zebra ready to blossom into adulthood!  Too much?  Okay, point taken.
I chose the name Obsessive Compulsive Destroyer. I own my disorder, but it will not control my life. I will use it for the powers of derby good, not evil!  But I am who I am, and I chose number 181. Not only is it a palindrome, but you can fold it I half vertically and it lines up perfectly!

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  1. I claimed you because I knew from the start you had stripes under your skin. ❤ And you are blossoming into an awesome ref, I'm so glad to be your teammate!

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