Meet a Dame: Ruff N Tuff

It all started on a cold day in December.  I was born to a young, brave woman named Jeannie.  She did the best she could with me. Before I could walk I was wrestling the bear cubs that lived by our cabin. 
We lived in the forests above the small town of Paskenta in Northern California with no neighbors for miles.  My playground was endless. Some of my favorite things to do we tying rattlesnakes together and laughing as they tried to slither away, wrestling matches with the grizzly bear family that lived nearby, and surprising the mean old mountain lion with the occasional bucket of cold water.  I had to run like my heels were on fire and my ass was catching. As I grew older my yearning for bigger adventures grew as well. Finally the day came my mother hugged me goodbye and off I went. 
I traveled for months, following game trails through valleys and foothills long forgotten.  Eventually I came upon the small town Red Bluff that had promise of a warm bath and a good meal. That’s where I met my derby wife Lil Pass-a-fist. 
She is a hard hitting, toe stop skipping, bad mama jammer. She taught me to read and write, cleaned me up, and made me presentable. Basically she had to teach me how to behave in civilized society. Of course I had to teach her a few things too; frog giggin is our favorite. 
Together we played hard, but derbyed harder.  My love for roller derby is endless and my ass kickery level grows with every practice. My derby journey has truly only started and becoming a Sioux City Roller Dame has completed another step in it. Derby or die!!
– Ruff N Tuff

Meet a Dame: Lil Pass-a-Fist

I was born and raised in a small California town, Coarsegold. I played just about every typical sport but nothing ever stuck for more than a season. I could not wait to get out of the valley heat, so I went to college at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA. There I got into logging sports and competed at the the collegiate and professional level. I graduated from Cal Poly with a B.S. in Environmental Management and Protection and a minor in Geographic Information Systems.

image (1)

Lil Pass-a-Fist shows the log who’s boss!

I worked in San Diego and San Francisco for awhile as an Environmental Scientist and then landed in another small California town, Red Bluff. It was a town where I knew nobody else and was in search of a hobby. I saw a flyer that there was a new team looking for athletes; the Red Bluff Derby Girls. I found more than a hobby; I found a great network of people and a new passion. I skated with them for almost a year and half.

Just this last December, my best friend and derby wife, Ruff N Tuff had to move to Dakota City, NE for family. I didn’t have any family or other close friends tying me to Red Bluff and I was looking for a change, so I came east with her.


The happy derby couple: Ruff-n-Tuff and Lil Pass-a-Fist.

The Sioux City Roller Dames and roller derby has once again given me a way to make a new set of friends and to be welcomed to a new city and state. Roller derby has been the first sport for me that has stuck for more than a season. It has amplified my competitiveness and pushed me to grow as a person. I have absolutely fell in love with roller derby and those who support it. I am so excited to grow even more with the Dames.

– Lil Pass-a-fist

Meet a Dame: Canuck U Up

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