The Team

Name: Dozer #D7

Position: Blocker

Quote: Be who you are…Say what you feel…Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.

Name: Sum Mo Payne #80D

Position: Triple Threat, Board of Directors Member *Awarded 2010-11 MVP, Most penalties in a single bout (17), Most points runner-up (419)*

Roller Model: The Bone Setter from No Coast Derby Girls, and retired skater Tin Lizzy of North Star

Theme Song: “Renegade”, Hed PE

Home Town: Madison, NE

Quote: “All that we are, is all that we have thought.” -Buddah

Name: Drop Dead Delores #DDD

Position: Blocker/Pivot/Jammer *Awarded 20010-11 Best Attitude*

Name: BJ Hott Mess #CJ7

Position: Jammer/Blocker *Awarded 2010-11 Rookie of the Year*

Roller Model: Flash Gloria No coast Derby Girls , Rainbow Spite..she is my white noise.

Home Town: Sioux City, IA

Theme Song: “Thrash Unreal”, Against Me

Quote: “Life is like a 10 speed bicycle, most of us have gears we never use.” -Charles Schultz
“Always make sure the juice is worth the squeeze.” -Hott Mess herself.

Name: Spanky Bottoms #29*

Position: Pivot/Blocker, Board of Directors Member *Awarded 2010-11 Unsung Hero*

Roller Model: Skinny Minnie, LA Thunderbirds

Theme Song: “Don’t Mess With Me”, The Tempo Sharks

Home Town: Long Beach, CA

Quote: “I don’t care what anybody says about me as long as it isn’t true.”-Truman Capote

Name: Funsize #410

Position: Blocker/Pivot/Jammer, Board of Directors Member, Recruitment Officer *Awarded 2010-11 Best Jammer, Fan Favorite*

Roller Model: Medusa of the Northstar Roller Girls

Theme Song: “Hell on Wheels”, Betty Blowtorch or “Rebel Girl”, Bikini Kill

Home Town: Hinton, IA

Quote: “I wanna know exactly what the best version of me looks like and make her happen.”-Bonnie D. Stroier

Name: Hurricane of Awesome #2168

Position: Jammer/Blocker

Roller Model: Funsize

Theme Song: “Just Dance”

Home Town: Sioux City, IA

Quote: “If we stand for nothing, we’ll fall for anything.”

Name: T-Vicious #5

Position: Pivot/Blocker *Awarded 2010-11 Best Blocker*

Roller Model: All of my roller derby teammates and coaches. They’re like potato chips; you can’t have just one.

Theme Song: “Eye of the Tiger”, Survivor

Home Town: Elkton, SD

Quote: “When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I’ve never tried,”-Mae West

Name: PBR #6^3

Position: Pivot/Blocker/Jammer *Awarded 2010-11 Best Jammer, Triple Threat, Most points in a single bout (80), Most points overall (427)*

Theme Song: “Binge & Purge”, Clutch

Home Town: Gayville, SD

Quote: “Living the Dream”

Name: Shotta Gold #24K

Position: Blocker

Name: Gore May #108

Position: Jammer/Blocker

Roller Model: All of my teammates

Theme Song: “Top Drawer”, Man Man

Home Town: Sioux City, IA

Name: Skinnerella #976-EVIL

Position: Blocker/Pivot, Board of Directors Member, Veep, Media Maven *Awarded 2010-11 Spirit Award*

Roller Model: Funsize-I’m totally gonna go SWF on her: live in her spare bedroom, dye my hair, have my legs and arms shortened.

Theme Song: “Skinned”, Blind Melon

Home Town: Dunmor, KY/Huntsville, AL

Quote: “The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.”-e.e. cumming

Name: Felony Convixen #10-99

Position: Blocker *Awarded 2010-11 Best Boutfit, Biggest Loser*

Roller Model: Thickathanaskicka, #402, who plays for No Coast Derby Girls in Lincoln, NE. My goal is to be like her on the track! She is what makes me strive that much harder every day!

Theme Song: “Living Dead Girl”, Rob Zombie

Home Town: Sioux City, IA

Quote: “You’re killing me Smalls!”-The Sandlot

Name: Anita Spur #411

Position: Blocker/Pivot/Jammer

Name: Dubbs #77

Position: Blocker/Pivot/Jammer *Awarded 2010-11 Badass Award, Most Majors*

Roller Model: Sum Mo Payne

Theme Song: “Benny and the Jets”, Elton John

Home Town: LeMars, IA

Quote: “Go big or go home.”

Name: TheAnnihilatrix #42

Position: Pivot/Blocker, Board of Directors President *Awarded 2010-11 Best Pivot, Best Bruise, Most Minors*

Roller Model: Tin Lizzie from North Star Roller Girls. I remember seeing her skate in her kilt and thinking, “If I could be half that good, I would be a very happy skater.”

Theme Song: “99 Problems”, Jay-Z. It’s my pump up music before every bout.

Home Town: Butte, NE

Quote: “To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men.”-Ella Wheeler Cox

Name: Collision Corpse #66sick

Position: Blocker/Pivot/Jammer *Awarded 2010-11 Most Improved*

Roller Model: Tin Lizzy of Northstar

Theme Song: “Set it Off”, Black Label Society

Home Town: Sioux City, IA

Quote: “Well, put some skates on. Be your own hero.” -Maggie Mayhem

Name: Rainbow Spite

Position: Head Ref *Awarded 2010-11 MVZ*

Roller Model: The Windy City Rollers got me hooked on derby; I owe my addiction to them

Theme Song: “One Way or Another”, Blondie

Home Town: St. Louis, MO/Chicago, IL

Quote: “There are no good girls gone wrong – just bad girls found out.” -Mae West

Name: The Rodster

Position: Bench Coach/Ref *Awarded Ref We Love to Hate 2009-10*

Name: Skate Property

Position: Bench Coach/The Annihilatrix’s man-servant

Name: Dee Bags

Position: Ref

Roller Model: Cheri Hartless and Umpire Strikes Back (and Jesus)

Theme Song: “My Name is Mud”, Primus

Home Town: Sioux City is where i was birthed but my heart will always belong to the indigenous peoples in the land of Bora Bora.

Quote: “That rug really tied the room together, did it not?” -Walter Sobchak

Name: Zebra Cakes

Position: Ref

Roller Model: Mama Zebra, Rainbow Spite

Theme Song: “The Struggle Within”, Metallica

Home Town: Storm Lake, IA

Quote: “You gotta believe in foolish miracles.” -Ozzy Osbourne

Name: PrimeTime

Position: Ref

Roller Model: Mo Payne and PBR

Theme Song: “Papercut”, Linkin Park

Home Town: Norfolk, NE

Quote: “In life, people say to grab the bull by the horns. I don’t see it that way….I prefer to grab ahold of it’s tail, smack it on the ass and hang on for the ride of my life!!” -PrimeTime

Name: Caution Tape

Position: Announcer

Name: Jimmy Digital

Position:Photographer *Awarded 2010-11 Offtrack Asset*

Roller Model: Sum Mo Payne

Theme Song: “No More Tears”, Ozzy Osbourne

Home Town: Roland, IA

Quote: “The officially unofficial photographer of the Sioux City Roller Dames.” – Caution Tape



  1. Funsize…is a beast!!!!

  2. Love Love Love Funsize!!!!!!!!

  3. My vote will go to………………………………..Anita Spur.

  4. Funsize!!!! 🙂

  5. Duuuuuuubbbbbbbbbbbs!!! I love ya on and off the track!

  6. Collision-Corpse 66 is my vote,,

  7. My hero……FUNSIZE!!! FTW!!!

  8. Collision Corpse is my fave!

  9. 66-Siccckkkkk gets my vote.

  10. Collision Corpse is the best! 🙂

    • Collision corpse for sure

  11. Mo payne

  12. Mo Payne. No doubt!

  13. Collision-Corpse 66 is my vote she kicks ass!
    Yo Momma lmao!

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